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We offer a variety of services tailored to our clients needs.

Corporate & Employment Law

Labour Law

Meyer and partners Attorneys has a significant labour practice with an impressive track record of providing high-end and high-quality labour services, counting several industry leaders amongst our clients. We know that good labour relations are at the centre of what organisations should do to be successful.

Our Employment and Labour Law Services include:

  • Initiating and Defending Labour disputes and ancillary actions in all forums from the CCMA, and Councils to the Labour and Labour Appeal Court;
  • Investigating, initiating and charging and chairing of internal labour matters including misconduct, incapacity and operational requirement based disputes;
  • Drafting of policies, procedures, employment contracts, service agreements and best practices;
  • Counselling and advice on labour and employment related matters;
  • Employment based change and risk management procedures; Employment law training.

Corporate Services

Some of our practitioners have been in business for themselves for more than 30 years and are fully conversant and highly experienced with the day to day legal requirements for effective corporate governance and running a company effectively while ensuring that all legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to companies are adhered to and implemented.

Our Corporate Services include:

  • Company Secretarial and Advisory Services;
  • Drafting founding documents, including Memorandums of Incorporation and Share Holders Agreements and registering companies;
  • Affecting the necessary registrations in terms of the Companies Act, Tax Statutes and the Labour Legislation, and Drafting of company rules, policies and procedures.


Is my company protected or not? What are my rights and how do I enforce them? Drafting a contract can appear to be deceptively easy, however the crux of good contracting drafting is not just about what is on the paper but how your rights are protected when you or your organisation needs it most. Our experienced staff will assist you and/or your company with the drafting of high-quality contracts and agreements that are clear and easy to read and will not only protect your rights but also ensure that your obligations are realistic and appropriate to the agreement that was reached with the other party.

Our Contract Law Services include:

  • Negotiation, and settling of terms and conditions, of agreements;
  • Drafting of Letters of Intent, memoranda, Service and Supply Agreements, Capital Procurement Agreements, transport and Shipping Agreements, outsourcing Agreements and Intellectual property Agreements;
  • Management and monitoring of contractual relationships; and Facilitation of dispute resolution in relation to existing contracts.

Business Rescue

We assist our clients to take all possible measures to protect their business and to remain viable. Our business rescue practitioners assist our clients with the development of a suitable business rescue plan that, when approved by their creditors, will ensure that a distressed company can be rescued.

Our Business Rescue Services include:

  • Restructuring of business affairs, business property, debt, equity and other liabilities to support the rescue effort; and
  • Formulation and institution of Business Rescue Applications.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Civil & Criminal Litigation

Litigation is a highly-specialised aspect of the law, requiring an in-depth understanding of the law, case law, various statutes and rules and local court practice procedures. Fear not, we offer both criminal and civil litigation services of the highest standard and quality.

Our Litigation Services include: 

  • Drafting of legal opinions and letters of demand;
  • Institution and defence of civil proceedings in the lower and superior courts;
  • Defence of criminal proceedings in the lower and superior courts;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in both private and statutory bodies; and
  • Taxation of costs in both the lower and superior courts.

Family & Divorce Law

From a matrimony point of view we will walk the road with you, whether it is the excitement of setting up a marriage contract or whether it is the heart wrenching experience of going through a divorce – we have experienced practitioners that will always strive to give quality advice and to look after your interest as best as possible.

Our Family Law Service include:

  • Drafting of nuptial contracts;
  • Drafting of cohabitation agreements;
  • Institution and defence of divorce proceedings;
  • Institution, defence and variation of maintenance orders;
  • Institution and defence of children’s court proceedings
  • Setting up compliant parenting plans;
  • Providing quality and effective mediation services.

Property & Estates

Property Law

For most people the purchase of a property will be the single biggest financial transaction of their life, this is why it is so important to get it right. Let us help you get peace of mind.

Our property law services include:

  • Drafting rental agreements;
  • Drafting of offers to purchase; and
  • Providing advice on property related disputes and enquires.

Conveyancing & Notarial

Whether you are selling your beloved home, buying a new one, or you would like to make changes to your patrimonial affairs. Effective and efficient conveyancing and notarial services it’s just what we do.

Our conveyancing and notarial services include: 

  • Registration and cancellation of bonds;
  • Transfer of properties;
  • Registration of instruments of security;
  • Drafting of ante-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Drafting long term and short terms leases; and
  • Drafting and registration of notarial bonds.

Administration of Estates

Nothing provides more peace of mind than knowing your loved ones will be looked after when you are no longer there to provide for them. Our administration of estates department understands this and will assist you and your family with drafting of wills, giving structured and comprehensive estate planning advice, setting up trusts, setting up living wills and, when the time comes, making sure that your every wish is carried out and that your loved ones and family’s interest are and remain protected.

Our administration of estate services include:

  • Insolvency applications;
  • Founding and management of Trusts;
  • Drafting of wills;
  • Drafting of donations; and
  • Acting as executors and agents in the winding up of deceased estates.

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