Meyer & Partners Attorneys

Excellence . Trust . Justice

Meyer & Partners Attorneys

Excellence . Trust . Justice

Meyer & Partners Attorneys

Excellence . Trust . Justice

Attorneys in Centurion

Meyer & Partners Attorneys Incorporated is a firm of attorneys in Centurion and has been faithfully serving their clients, both big and small, since 2008, our lawyers have consistent 5-star ratings on Google and other platforms. The results speak for themselves. Meyer & Partners Attorneys deliver quality services to a wide range of customers, including individuals and corporates in industries such as manufacturing, staffing services, retail, hospitality and entertainment across legal disciplines such as labour law, the law of contract, criminal and civil law, family law and conveyancing to name but a few.

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What we do


Meyer & Partners Attorneys is a full service firm of Attorneys in Centurion serving private individuals and companies alike. We are experienced enough and with an excellent track record across all industries, to fulfill the highest corporate demands and yet we are agile enough to provide service excellence to our myriad of private clients.


We make certain that we understand our corporate clients’ unique industry demands and our private clients’ personal circumstances and requirements. By making things personal and by applying our expertise we find answers and solutions that fit perfectly. We live and breathe quality in everything that we do. Our clients, our passion for the law and justice, ethical conduct, first class service, what we do and how we do it, have always been and will always be our highest priority. There is no substitute for experience, quality, hard work and passion. Nor for continuous learning and an enthusiasm for doing something right the first time. Yes, we are lawyers but we are also service providers at the constant service of our clients. We work together as a team to afford our clients the benefit of our collective knowledge and experience.


The law and the application of justice is our passion. To us, effective application of the law to bring about justice is one of the cornerstones of our existence as a law firm. Another is a form and unwavering belief that only the best is good enough. We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to the specific needs of individuals and large corporations alike.

Customer Reviews

“Very good commercial attorneys covering a wider than expected range of legal expertise. They service our multinational company needs in SA as local legal council. Been working with them for more than 2 years without fault.”

Andre Coetse (CFO)

“Meyer & Partners are not your average attorneys. There is a connection made with clients that adds a real feeling of a team. I experienced so much genuine understanding that I never felt like just another case. On top of that, their skills and work ethic are second to none. They are always available, always helpful and, in my case, always right.”

Jason George (Entrepreneur)

“Meyer and Partners take time and interest in their clients and one can always be assured of a highly professional service. They stand by their commitments to their clients.”

Genesis Projects and Services

“Efficient, reliable, trustworthy… These are the attorneys you want on your side.”

Gideon Lots (CEO)

“It is great to have access to a legal professional to clarify information. Reviewing and updating policies in the current ever-changing environment is managed effortlessly.”

Pam Reddy (Head of HR)

“They assisted me by creating a few employment contracts. Extremely thorough, responsive and answered all my questions.”

James Mason (Plant Manager)

“Effective, direct and efficient. Good service with a wide variety in all fields.”

Etienne Burger (Contract Manager)

“They are knowledgeable and have excellent service. I will recommend them to anybody who requires legal advice.”

Christa Du Plessis (Business Owner)

“Meyer and Partners assisted me with a labour-related issue that I had with my employer. They provided great and professional service, at an affordable rate.”

Henk Fourie (Professional Consultant)

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